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On the topic of interesting conferences coming up, there's one for Mono
(the open source .NET) Oct 30 in Austin called Monospace.  We are getting
into more .NET and looking at Mono and Moonlight as our cross-platform
delivery vector so we're sending folks.

this IMPORTANT information is ENCOURAGED.

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Just a side note here, but I am going to the Ruby conference and so is
Rich.  Since I am new to Ruby, I am taking the remedial training class
before the conference.

It should be a great conference.


J. H. Wickett

On Wed, Aug 12, 2009 at 3:46 PM, <travis+ml-owasp at subspacefield.org> wrote:
  Just a status update.

  I decided to just get started.  I knew python and wasn't feeling like
  I could come up to speed with advanced Ruby & RoR as quickly.  So I
  located this book:


  Starting from scratch, I had your basic "Hello World" in under 30
  minutes.  I found it to be so much fun that I had to force myself to
  go to sleep at 2am.

  Developing in this framework was so easy that if I find something
  better, re-writing my initial design will be even easier.

  For those who are interested in Ruby, there's a conference coming up
  near the end of the month:


  For those who deal with PHP, I wanted to send a friendly warning:

  There's a system cracker group or person called ZFO...  which has hit
  and cruelly humiliated a number of whitehats recently.

  Based on my read of their latest screed, it appears to me that they're
  using PHP LFI vulnerabilities to get initial access to the system.
  That doesn't surprise me; the quality of PHP applications is very low,
  and it appears to be hard - or at least uncommon - to write PHP
  applications that don't have major security flaws.
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