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Just a side note here, but I am going to the Ruby conference and so is
Rich.  Since I am new to Ruby, I am taking the remedial training class
before the conference.

It should be a great conference.


J. H. Wickett

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> Just a status update.
> I decided to just get started.  I knew python and wasn't feeling like
> I could come up to speed with advanced Ruby & RoR as quickly.  So I
> located this book:
> http://pylonsbook.com/
> Starting from scratch, I had your basic "Hello World" in under 30
> minutes.  I found it to be so much fun that I had to force myself to
> go to sleep at 2am.
> Developing in this framework was so easy that if I find something
> better, re-writing my initial design will be even easier.
> For those who are interested in Ruby, there's a conference coming up
> near the end of the month:
> http://lonestarrubyconf.com/
> For those who deal with PHP, I wanted to send a friendly warning:
> There's a system cracker group or person called ZFO...  which has hit
> and cruelly humiliated a number of whitehats recently.
> Based on my read of their latest screed, it appears to me that they're
> using PHP LFI vulnerabilities to get initial access to the system.
> That doesn't surprise me; the quality of PHP applications is very low,
> and it appears to be hard - or at least uncommon - to write PHP
> applications that don't have major security flaws.
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