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You may want to check out WEB2PY from DePaul University in Chicago.  It was
developed to train incoming freshman to develop their first web app for a
nonprofit after two weeks of classes on a Saturday afternoon (four hours).
 Took the best of Zope and RoR and made an environment for mortals to
program.  They were trying to push it into the enterprise space since it has
an easy to use development environment for fairly sophisticated schemas.

If your schema is moderately complex or will grow into a complex schema, you
may want to consider WEB2PY.  RoR is going through a mid life crisis as they
are trying to merge MERB and RoR and create a Plugin environment complicated
by the fact that the Ruby community and the RoR community don't interact
enough in my humble opinion.  If you know Python and you might deploy on
Google, WEB2PY might be a worth a look.  Final comment on RoR.  It is
ideally a RESTful CRUD framework for end users but it is still a programmer
paradigm (command line instead of 100% browser like WEB2PY).
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> So I'm starting up a personal project and I'm trying to decide from
> among the gazillion web application frameworks, which I should
> investigate.
> The goal is to rapidly produce a web site, because my spare time
> is rather limited.  So no C++ or java frameworks really fit my bill.
> So far I've heard a lot about Ruby on Rails, obviously (who hasn't?).
> Unfortunately I'm a novice at Ruby; I like it a lot, but I'm to the
> point where I can write ruby programs, but not at an expert level.
> I watched a screencast of someone developing a web site with RoR, and it's
> apparent that a knowledge of normal Ruby is not enough; he dizzied me
> with what he was doing, I couldn't keep up.  In fact, just reading
> the Wikipedia article left me dizzy with the thousands of ways to
> do things.
> I also have a friend who has done some RoR work, and he actually
> prefers Pylons.  This is good news for me, because I've developed
> some non-trivial programs in python, and am quite familiar with it.
> However, I want to make sure I'm not just choosing the easiest path,
> but the right tool for the job, if it's significantly better.
> What should I look for in such a web framework?  That is, how should
> I decide between the large number of them out there?
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