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If you want to code in Python then django is a good framework -

In terms of "how to decide" - that's a real corker.  It depends on your
requirements, and then on either using every framework to demo it, which is
probably infeasible from a time standpoint, or getting an accurate read on
what exactly each one does, which can be hard to suss out from the general
technical fanboy blather about any given one.  It's kinda like asking
"which car is best."  There's a highly subjective element and an "what do
you need" element to it.

In this case, I'd probably start out with choosing a language you are
conversant with (from the mainstream java/php/perl/python to weird stuff;
there are smalltalk and erlang web frameworks out there for the insanoids).
If you choose Python, then knowing one or two frameworks (django and
pylons) just start googling them "vs" each other and you can get people's
head to head thoughts and likely will find other well respected ones since
you'll get hits to "django vs pylons vs thing3."  Like I found turbogears
in short order doing that.  Seems like in general those are the big 3
(assuming you don't count plone) in the Python world.  From reading the
comparisons it seems like there's some pretty good distinctions depending
on how much of a noob you are in that area and how much customization you
want.  django is more cookie cutter and mature, turbogears is more noob
friendly, and pylons is more customizable.

http://stackoverflow.com/questions/48681/pros-cons-of-django-vs-pylons (by
the pylons guy)

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So I'm starting up a personal project and I'm trying to decide from
among the gazillion web application frameworks, which I should

The goal is to rapidly produce a web site, because my spare time
is rather limited.  So no C++ or java frameworks really fit my bill.

So far I've heard a lot about Ruby on Rails, obviously (who hasn't?).
Unfortunately I'm a novice at Ruby; I like it a lot, but I'm to the
point where I can write ruby programs, but not at an expert level.
I watched a screencast of someone developing a web site with RoR, and it's
apparent that a knowledge of normal Ruby is not enough; he dizzied me
with what he was doing, I couldn't keep up.  In fact, just reading
the Wikipedia article left me dizzy with the thousands of ways to
do things.

I also have a friend who has done some RoR work, and he actually
prefers Pylons.  This is good news for me, because I've developed
some non-trivial programs in python, and am quite familiar with it.

However, I want to make sure I'm not just choosing the easiest path,
but the right tool for the job, if it's significantly better.

What should I look for in such a web framework?  That is, how should
I decide between the large number of them out there?
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