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So I'm starting up a personal project and I'm trying to decide from
among the gazillion web application frameworks, which I should

The goal is to rapidly produce a web site, because my spare time
is rather limited.  So no C++ or java frameworks really fit my bill.

So far I've heard a lot about Ruby on Rails, obviously (who hasn't?).
Unfortunately I'm a novice at Ruby; I like it a lot, but I'm to the
point where I can write ruby programs, but not at an expert level.
I watched a screencast of someone developing a web site with RoR, and it's
apparent that a knowledge of normal Ruby is not enough; he dizzied me
with what he was doing, I couldn't keep up.  In fact, just reading
the Wikipedia article left me dizzy with the thousands of ways to
do things.

I also have a friend who has done some RoR work, and he actually
prefers Pylons.  This is good news for me, because I've developed
some non-trivial programs in python, and am quite familiar with it.

However, I want to make sure I'm not just choosing the easiest path,
but the right tool for the job, if it's significantly better.

What should I look for in such a web framework?  That is, how should
I decide between the large number of them out there?
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