[Owasp-austin] what makes a good security expert, paper, blog post?

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So I recently read this excellent paper:
There's a number of other essays on his site about programmers and programming
languages that also apply; I'll leave you to find those on your own.
He is a wonderfully refreshing writer.

I'm thinking of writing up a short talk on the following subjects.
I don't consider myself famous in any way, but I am a big consumer
of security information and have strong feelings about the following
questions.  And I want to hear other opinions, especially if you
can provide an explanation of why...

My questions to you are:

1) What makes a good security expert?
   Educational background
   Personality characteristics
   Fields of study/expertise

2) What makes a good security presentation, paper, blog post?
   Breadth/narrowness/generality/specificity of topic
   Intended audience
   Evolution vs revolution
   Offensive vs. Defensive technology
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