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Mon Aug 3 17:45:21 EDT 2009

Hi folks,

This is Travis.  I did the Web 2.0 crypto talk last month.

I just wanted to announce that while I do not have a blog, I do have a mailing list:


It's an informal list, and I mostly send out links that I find interesting.
Mostly right now it's friends or people who know me through AHA or OWASP.
It's not all original; often times it's just a paper or web site that I
found particularly interesting.  You're welcome to join, and once you do,
you can read through the old posts if you want, making it kind of like a blog.

I am evaluating blog options, but they all seem to be plagued by security
problems.  As a security expert, I'd find having my blog hacked to be
very embarassing.  I just can't bring myself to run software in which I don't
have confidence.  I considered having it hosted somewhere else, but as a privacy
advocate, I don't like the idea of a company owning my data, especially when
can be security-sensitive...
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