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We use AMP which an enterprise version of webinspect. The tool is a nice fit into your SDLC test processes. While these tool are helpful they do have technical limitations.


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I am currently using WebInspect and have recently evaluated AppScan. These two are considered the top two commercial tools for Web Application vulnerability scanning. Both of them are expensive and have some good features I like.


Lisa Wei
Information Security Office


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While I've had experience with vulnerability scanners (Core, Nessus, etc) I've never really looked into what's out there with regards to vuln scanners that focus on Web Application Vulnerability scanning.  I'm trying to compile a list of security tools that are "out there" and was wondering what you all know about/use/recommend.  I have a pretty full list of other tools, but my web app section is pretty lean. Any thoughts? Could be open source, commercial, etc. 


David H. 

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