[Owasp-austin] where was the meeting today?

travis+ml-owasp at subspacefield.org travis+ml-owasp at subspacefield.org
Tue Nov 27 16:29:30 EST 2007


I came out today - late - but wasn't able to find where you were
having the meeting.  I went to Whole Foods Customer Service but of
course they had no idea what OWASP was.

I see now that I was supposed to sign in with some kind of
receptionist; I recall seeing a business office of some kind on the
top floor; I assume this receptionist was in there somewhere?

I've got 1 yes and 3 maybes for attending next month...

By the way, I may be giving a talk on my Dynamic Firewall Daemon
project at "Austin Hackers Anonymous" tomorrow:


The project is described here:

Life would be so much easier if it was open-source.
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