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A quick update to what is planned for the Austin chapter:



*	I am procuring a meeting place for our kickoff meeting - should
have confirmation by next week
*	I need some assistance - web/list moderator, marketing...,
chapter leadership


For the kickoff:

*	Speakers from the San Antonio chapter have volunteered!


Expectations (mine):

*	Market this important topic to the techno crowds at other Austin
*	Get some real, detailed, techical exposure of web security
disseminated to Austin folks
*	Create organic participation


If you are interested in participating in the organizational side of the
Austin OWASP - please send me an email and let me know what your "gift"


Best regards,




Cris DeWitt, CISSP 
In-Depth Security 
3821 Juniper Trace, Suite 105 
Austin, TX  78738 

In-Depth SECURITY is a division of agileTCP, Inc. 


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