[Owasp-argentina] ASHX, ASMX or What?

Nahuel Grisolia nahuel en bonsai-sec.com
Vie Jun 24 12:16:13 EDT 2011


Imagine that you're in front of an """"insecure"""" file upload in the
context of an IIS6,7 (no ;.jpg :P) and the regex filtering the file is like:

[anything].asp[anything] (yeah, my.aspirator.jpg is filtered hehe)

No .aspx, no .asp and no .aspx;jpg even if the server is vulnerable...

So... is there any way to bypass this control? Like uploading a
malicious Webservice (can we simply upload a Webservice file? I think
they need to be precomplied first) or something like that?

Thanks a lot!

Nahuel Grisolia - C|EH
Information Security Consultant
Bonsai Information Security Project Leader
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