[Owasp-appsensor-project] appsensor dashboard design prep for appsec eu

John Melton jtmelton at gmail.com
Mon May 11 03:39:20 UTC 2015


Colin is running a couple of sessions at appsec eu related to appsensor.
The first is on Tuesday (5/19) for documentation updates. The second is the
reason for this email.

The actual session is Wednesday (5/20) from 13:30 - 17:00 local time
(Amsterdam, NL). (

The expectation of the session is: "... [design of] a reporting dashboard.
This session is to brainstorm ideas and layouts for the dashboard, and
identify what tools/libraries can assist in the creation of the dashboard.
Bring ideas, energy, URLs, paper and pens! The outputs will be dashboard

In preparation for this meeting, we'd like to give everyone an opportunity
for early input. Specifically, we are looking for:

- who are the target audience(s) for the dashboard?
- what are the use cases that need to be handled? ops room view, attack
research, etc.
- what is the "normal state" - nothing on the screen at all???
- what is usefully displayed?
- what sort of patterns would a typical attack look like, and how would
visualisation help highlight this?
- what drill down/view might be useful?
- what do you want to be there for sure?
- what do you NOT want to be there for sure?
- sample tools/views you find helpful?
- any UI patterns we should use / not use?

These questions are just examples to get you thinking. ANY and ALL input is

Let me be clear - *THIS IS YOUR CHANCE TO INFLUENCE THE UI ! *Feedback /
input is critical at this point. This will be the main development effort
for the next couple of months, so input now is crucial to building
something useful.

We're also considering holding a phone call this week or early next if
people would find that useful as a way to provide input. Please let me or
Colin know if you'd be interested in joining a call, and if there's
interest, we'll set it up.

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