[Owasp-appsensor-project] Notification of HOST Investment Award

Colin Watson colin.watson at owasp.org
Wed May 28 10:18:19 UTC 2014

Deborah and Joshua

Further to your emails last year regarding the HOST Investment Award,
I wanted to provide an update. We have successfully finished and
published the new version of the OWASP AppSensor Guide v2.0 - it is
available free of charge at:



Also at cost in print from Lulu.com:


Since the HOST funding did not materialise in time (by end April
2014), we did not have any funds to spend on the proposal's funding
request for:

- Professional design for the in­ progress book.
- Professional design of a new flyer leaflet promoting the project and book.
- The printing of the flyer.

But we got the book out in any case, in a completely unfunded and voluntary way.

We thank you for your interest in our work.


Colin Watson
OWASP AppSensor Co Project Leader
Author AppSensor HOST investment proposal

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Deborah Bryant <deborah at debbryant.com>
Date: Thu, Nov 14, 2013 at 6:00 PM
Subject: HOST Award Next Steps
To: Samantha Groves <samantha.groves at owasp.org>
Cc: Investments Team Investments <investments at opencybersecurity.org>,
Joshua Davis <Joshua.Davis at gtri.gatech.edu>

In reference to:
 OWASP AppSensor Project

Dear Samantha,

After some considerable discussion it has been determined that the
2013 project awardees should be treated as HOST program subcontractors
under the HOST prime contractor, Georgia Institute Technology Research
Institute. The next step to become a subcontractor is to work directly
with program manager / principal investigator Joshua Davis, copied
here. You should expect to hear from Josh this week (by Friday
November 14th). Then by no later than Monday November 17th you should
expect to receive full instructions and any requisite form to move
forward on becoming an official subcontractor. A contract including
the Statement of Work we recently worked with you to complete will be
included in the final contract.

Although this is more process than anticipated by GTRI earlier this
year, it may be encouraging to know that it will only need to be done
one time should you in the future receive any additional award.

Thanks again for your cooperation and patience. We look forward to
working with you in the coming weeks.

Best Regards,

Deborah Bryant
Principal Consultant Bryant Group and
Investments Lead, Homeland Open Security Technology Program

On 28 October 2013 17:18, Samantha Groves <samantha.groves at owasp.org> wrote:
> Hello AppSensor team,
> I just want to let you know that I have received word from the DHS about
> your project grant proposal. I am happy to report that you have been awarded
> your grant from DHS and Georgia Tech.
> I will reach out with more details once I hear back from Deb from the HOST
> program.
> Reach out to me if you have questions.
> Congratulations, AppSensor team! Very well done to all!  :-)
> Sam G.
> ---------- Forwarded message ----------
> From: Deborah Bryant <deborah at debbryant.com>
> Date: Mon, Oct 28, 2013 at 1:17 AM
> Subject: Notification of HOST Investment Award
> To: Samantha Groves <samantha.groves at owasp.org>
> Cc: "investments at opencybersecurity.org" <investments at opencybersecurity.org>
> Dear Samantha,
> Thank you again for submitting an application on OWASP's behalf during our
> Open Call for Investment Applications that took place between July 2nd and
> August 14, 2013. This call for investments produced twenty-eight
> applications.  Four projects were selected for funding within the HOST
> program, a number of others are being referred for potential funding outside
> of the HOST program by DHS S&T. We are notifying all applicants of their
> award status today.
> We are pleased to inform you that your project has been selected for HOST
> Investment funding. We will contact you soon to discuss the next steps in
> the investment process, and work to draft an agreement, including a scope of
> work between your organization and Georgia Tech Research Institute. (Please
> direct your emails to investments at opencybersecurity.org email for
> correspondence; someone on the team will reply.)
> We have included key feedback from the peer reviewers for your information
> below my signature.
> On behalf of the HOST team, congratulations and welcome to the program. We
> look forward to working with you.
> Best Regards,
> Deborah Bryant
> Investments Advisor, Homeland Open Security Technology Program
> Principal Consultant, Bryant Group
> Application: OWASP AppSensor Project (project design support)
> Organization: OWASP Foundation
> POC: Samantha Groves; samantha.groves at owasp.org; 480-800-9830
> Feedback:
> There was general consensus among reviewers that this project is a small
> investment for a valuable part of the Appsensor Project, including useful
> documentation of a high quality. They also believe the software components
> and method will actually be usable, and define sound practices for handling
> security issues at the applications level. The reviewers also noted the
> importance of OWASP and the fact that it is volunteer-driven and therefore
> deserves support to remain viable.
> --
> Samantha Groves, MBA
> OWASP Projects Manager
> The OWASP Foundation
> Phoenix, USA
> Email: samantha.groves at owasp.org
> Skype: samanthahz
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