[Owasp-appsensor-project] v2 Book Generation

Colin Watson colin.watson at owasp.org
Fri Jan 25 11:59:34 UTC 2013


(I have changed the subject line from "Project contributors")

> I did set up a leanpub account and started the OWASP Press project with this
> AppSensor book specifically in mind.

That sounds exciting. I hadn't read your December blog post
http://scriptogr.am/dennis-groves/post/owasp-press about it - sorry.
When we chatted last year, I tried Scrivenor or just writing the book
on the wiki, but found the support for including diagrams, structured
tables and references was not good enough. So, although I normally use
Open Office, I started writing in Word – OWASP's wiki doesn't allow OO
files to be uploaded :-( – and understand the limitations on
collaboration of doing this, but wanted to format images and data as I
went. I did start from a Lulu-provided template so that it would fit
the output of many of the existing OWASP books, and once finished,
thought we could convert it into wiki pages.

But LeanPub's workflow sounds interesting, and its multi-format output
support looks promising.

> This allows us to github the book source and push our changes around to each
> other. This allows virtually anybody to pitch in and help, by forking and
> pushing back the changes. I remain highly motivated and interested in
> AppSensor;

Does it support embedded diagram images (maybe as SVG?) and complex
tabulated data? I didn't just want to create tables elsewhere (in
another application) as images, since people can't copy and paste the
content or update it easily, and I believe multi-format output can
sometimes make a real hash of tables. How does it work in Leanpub? I
downloaded Dinis' blog conversion PDF (900 pages, 50Mb) and saw how
hyperlinks occur as footnotes (but not as full references) and there
are embedded screen shots from the blog page contents. But no tables
of information?

>I have a bunch of work done on the book that I
> haven't pushed out so we should sync.

I didn't know about that. Does that match any sections in the draft
contents list developed at the summit and reworked in the document I
sent in August?


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