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Dennis Groves dennis.groves at owasp.org
Fri Jan 25 11:06:38 UTC 2013

Hi Colin,

I did set up a leanpub account and started the OWASP Press project with
this AppSensor book specifically in mind.
This allows us to github the book source and push our changes around to
each other. This allows virtually anybody to pitch in and help, by forking
and pushing back the changes. I remain highly motivated and interested in
AppSensor; but I am working at a new position and working on my AppSensor
slides for AppSec Korea. I have a bunch of work done on the book that I
haven't pushed out so we should sync.


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On Fri, Jan 25, 2013 at 10:12 AM, Colin Watson <colin.watson at owasp.org>wrote:

> I am drafting out sections of the v2 AppSensor book and want to make
> sure we acknowledge all the project's contributors correctly. I have
> attached (hopefully a 34k PDF will get through) a draft page.
> - Is everyone on it who should be?
> - Are the names correct, and written in full?
> - Does anyone listed not want to be mentioned?
> I gathered the information from this mailing list, my own
> correspondence and participants of the OWASP summit in 2011.
> Regards
> Colin
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