[Owasp-appsensor-project] Fwd: HOST: Subcontract w/ GT (Update)

Samantha Groves samantha.groves at owasp.org
Fri Dec 13 18:31:03 UTC 2013

Hello AppSensor Team,

Please see below. This is the message I received from HOST. Apologies for
not sending this earlier. I have out of the office.

Essentially, I provided additional information about the project plan,
expenses, technical lead information, etc. to the HOST team. They are
currently delayed due to administrative processes they have to go through
on the federal government side. This is no surprise to me so don't stress.
They take some time to send/process payment.

I don't believe we will hear anything until the second week of January
after the holidays. Let me know if you need more information, Team.


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From: Davis, Joshua L. <Joshua.Davis at gtri.gatech.edu>
Date: Tue, Dec 10, 2013 at 1:07 PM
Subject: HOST: Subcontract w/ GT (Update)
To: Samantha Groves <samantha.groves at owasp.org>
Cc: "investments at opencybersecurity.org" <investments at opencybersecurity.org>,
"Panetta, Lindsey" <Lindsey.Panetta at gtri.gatech.edu>

I hope this email finds you well.  Just wanted to check in with you to let
you know where we stand.

The info you provided has been submitted to the GT contracting office,
however processes on the Federal Government side are creating delays in
HOST funding.  Unfortunately this will push out the anticipated date of
your contract with Georgia Tech.  Furthermore, given that the holiday
season is upon us, mid-to-late January 2014 is a more likely time frame to
anticipate completion.

I apologize for the inconvenience and please know we're doing everything we
can to push the process along. Nevertheless, I am thrilled to have you on
our team and we'll formalize the arrangement soon.

Take care and don't hesitate to contact me.

Joshua L. Davis
Georgia Tech Research Institute


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