[Owasp-appsensor-project] AppSensor for Global Security Challenge?

Colin Watson colin.watson at owasp.org
Wed Jan 12 16:31:50 EST 2011

Hi all

I came across the "Global Security Challenge" website:


They have a current worldwide competition "IFSEC Future of Security
Competition 2011 for "seeking technological innovations that can be
used to prevent, defend against, recover from or cope with any kind of
terrorist incidents or other criminal acts".


They say "This newly launched annual competition aims to find the next
generation security innovations.  We aim to challenge the brightest
minds in security technology from around the world to submit radically
new ideas and game-changing technologies. The competition aims to
uncover the creative capabilities of innovators in universities and
small to medium sized enterprises that apply to security needs." and
"This competition brings together the world’s most promising
technological innovations at IFSEC 2011 who will compete against each
other in a live judging session. This is a unique opportunity for the
chosen entrepreneurs to find capital, industry partners and government

I just wondered whether we ought to submit AppSensor, with the aim to
raise $10,000 towards, for example, developing ESAPI code and
demonstrators e.g. ESAPI Swingset?  It would raise awareness, even if
we didn't win.

I'd be happy to draft some answers (see application questions below),
if others on here are willing to participate?  Deadline 31 Jan 2011,
finalists announced after 28 Feb, with final judging (incl live pitch)
mid-May in Birmingham (UK?).



Question 1
Question 2

Question 3
Question 4
Name of Idea/Company
Question 5
Question 6
Phone Number:
Question 7
Web address:
Question 8
The Year your company/idea was founded (if applicable):

Question 9
Technology Category: the technology can best be described as fitting
into which category?
Please select your answer(s):
Access Control CCTV Intruder Alarms Integrated Security IP Network
Solutions Security Guarding and Support Services Border Security Port
& Maritime Security Transport & Airport Security CBRNE Protection
Urban Security
Question 10
Summary of your Innovation
Give us a short description of your idea or product. Name three or
more reasons why your product is innovative and superior (technically
or otherwise).
Question 11
Benefits to Customer
Name three or more quantitative statements discussing why this
idea/product benefits your customer. Tell us who your target market is
and what security problem your innovation solves?
Question 12
IP Status
Do you own all the necessary IPs? Have you applied for or have been
granted a patent? If not, why not?

Question 13
Describe how the technology works, what the system’s components
are and how the product interfaces externally. Explain how your
solution could be integrated into a larger system or further developed
to enhance its value to the targeted customer community. We do not
want to know your 'secret sauce' but require enough information for
the judges to understand what you are doing and to evaluate its merits
and to differentiate you from others in the field.

Question 14
How does this innovation change the World tomorrow?
Describe why do you think your technology is disruptive for the
security industry?

Question 15
Where do you fall within your market? How are you different than other
players? Describe the size of the market, its growth potential, demand
opportunity and customer preferences. (Successful applications have
described competitors and substitutes, how you position your
company/technology in the industry and your relationship with

Question 16
Business Plan
Explain how you intend to reach your market. Be as specific as you can
about your strategy in terms of pricing, promotion, selling and
Question 17
How would you spend the winning prize of $10,000?
How will winning this competition affect the development of your
innovation or technology?
Question 18
What do you expect from the mentorship?
How do you intend to get benefit from the offered mentorship? What can
it mean practically for your innovations,future?


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