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John Melton jtmelton at gmail.com
Fri Sep 23 03:28:24 UTC 2016


There's been quite a lot of activity this summer in AppSensor, and the only
thing this list has been made aware of has been the GSoC work (awesome by
the way). As such, I wanted to give a _really_ brief update culled from the
changelog (https://github.com/jtmelton/appsensor/blob/master/changelog.txt)
as well as some near-term plans.

Recent Updates
Most of these things happened in the last 3 months. Here's a completely
unordered list:

* GSoC ML analysis engine implementation (
https://github.com/timothy22000/GSoC-MLAnalysisEngine) and (
https://timothy22000.github.io/event/gsoc-work-report.html). There will be
an OWASP report coming out about this soon. (thanks timothy22000!)
* Significant progress on a rules-based analysis engine - looking forward
to merging this in the next release (thanks David Scrobonia!)
* Added activemq as execution mode (thanks sidewalker!)
* Added elasticsearch as storage provider (
https://github.com/jtmelton/appsensor/issues/37) (thanks MaikJaek!)
* Added riak as storage provider (thanks wylly!)
* Added influxdb as storage provider
* Added prometheus integration (thanks sidewalker!)
* Added Docker support for spring boot apps (
https://github.com/jtmelton/appsensor/issues/26) (thanks ProZachJ!)
* Added support for per-client-application configurations (ie. not global) (
https://github.com/jtmelton/appsensor/issues/34) (thanks shreyasdn!)
* Added Java and Python client libraries generated by swagger (
https://github.com/jtmelton/appsensor/pull/59) (thanks mahmoodm2!)
* Added new sub-project (
https://github.com/jtmelton/appsensor-reverse-proxy/) to function as
reverse proxy option with out of the box support for handling a number of
detection points
* Updated mongo storage provider for better performance and bumped version
support (https://github.com/jtmelton/appsensor/issues/41)
* Updated influxdb integration after version deployed to maven central
* Fixed test issue running on Windows machines (
https://github.com/jtmelton/appsensor/pull/49) (thanks mahmoodm2!)
* Fix async websocket issue for spring boot client (
* Fix timezone offset issue in dashboard UI (
* Fix several minor bugs
* Completed CI setup (Travis-CI - thank you!)
* Added code of conduct and contribution guidelines to documentation
* Updated documentation for ELK and Grafana options (thanks sims143!)
* Updated Kafka documentation (thanks rtmorgan!)
* Updated documentation for Rest API in appsensor.org website (
* Improved query performance of JPA *Store implementations
* Minor refactoring of ResponseStore implementation for code de-duplication

*Please note the massive number of contributors we had here. It's an
amazing group of folks that make appsensor what it is - thank you all!*

Near term plans
There are a few high-priority items that we're looking at completing in the
next 3-6 months (next release cycle):
- Build a server generator. Right now the hardest thing about getting
started with appsensor is setting up and configuring the server backend. We
need some tooling and documentation to make that piece work better.
- Expand end-user documentation. This is an area where we're honestly
pretty weak right now, and need to improve. Our users need better
documentation. I would love input and help here. This is a critical area
for multiple people to contribute and improve the state of affairs.
- Clean up and merge the rules engine - David S. has been working on this
and we want to get that work reviewed, tested, and merged.
- Expand the ML work. We really want to create a standalone tool out of the
ML work Tim did. We want to build a tool that accepts web server logs and
does rule suggestions based on real data (thanks Juan for the fantastic

Note: these are not the only things going on. They are just the things that
have bubbled up the highest in my list of things to worry about. Lots of
contributors are doing really interesting work (and giving that back to us
- woohoo!) so there's a lot of great stuff coming down the pipe.

If anyone's interested in helping out with any of these tasks, ping me and
we'll get you going.

Lastly, I wanted to point out the slide deck I presented at JavaOne this
week, where I covered a number of these topics. The recording for that will
be up soon if you're interested:
. It was a lot of fun and we got a lot of great feedback.

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