[Owasp-appsensor-dev] appsensor v2 update - early adopter milestone

John Melton jtmelton at gmail.com
Fri Jun 27 04:13:49 UTC 2014


Fairly significant update this time, so sending to both lists.

Just got another update pushed in, and with it, we hit a good
milestone. The current version of the reference implementation (
https://github.com/jtmelton/appsensor ) now has support for the

- event analysis using a configuration policy
- transient storage to memory, persistent storage to filesystem or sql databases
- runtime modes of local (java-only, single server) or web services
(rest and soap)
- basic correlation using multiple client applications talking to a
single analysis server

These sound small, but represent a big jump from the old version of
the reference implementation. There's still a lot to do, but this is a
big win and a good point to get to. At this point, we have all the
pieces in place to build a basic functional system. There are no bells
and whistles, and there's still lots of integration work we can do,
but the basics are there. It's a great time to have early adopters
start trying to use the system and get feedback.

For the ongoing tasks, we're using the issue tracker at github (
https://github.com/jtmelton/appsensor/issues ), so feel free to add
feature requests and bugs there or jump in and work on something if
you can.

Many thanks to all the folks who contributed to make this milestone possible.


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