[owasp-antisamy] A couple of questions about upgrading

Jacob Coulter jacob.coulter at gmail.com
Fri Mar 1 17:06:29 UTC 2013

We have a factory that creates an Antisamy (v 1.4.1) and were hoping
to upgrade to 1.5.1.  What happened to Antisamy.java's inputEncoding
and outputEncoding? How do we set the equivalent values to manage
these concerns now?

Also, in several of our unit tests we are suddenly getting extra
spaces wherever we have nested tags.  For instance, after scanning the
string:  '<select name="name"><option
value="Something">Something</select>'  We now get : '<select
name="name"> <option value="Something">Something </select>'   Note the
2 extra spaces between the tags and before the closing select.  (The
lack of closing option tag is not a pertinent part of this example.)

The second issue doesn't seem to be causing pain, but it is
unexpected.  Anyone else notice this?



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