[owasp-antisamy] XHTML/HTML setting

Arshan Dabirsiaghi arshan.dabirsiaghi at aspectsecurity.com
Thu Jun 16 09:44:05 EDT 2011

There isn't anything in AntiSamy like that. If you use the DOM engine,
there might be a NekoHTML setting that you can use,  my quick glance
doesn't show much but I would give it a closer look [1]. If you find
one, you could add that feature/set that property in your fork. 


[1] http://nekohtml.sourceforge.net/settings.html


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I realize that there is a setting in the policy that can set the cleaned
output from AS to either XHTML or HTML.  However, is there also a
setting to have the underlying parser parse for XHTML or HTML?  For
example, the DOMFragmentParser that is used for the AntiSamyDOMScanner,
is there a way to set that to parse (and return) XHTML?  I realize with
the latest code it's not a huge deal, as the incoming XHTML is changed
to HTML by the parser, and then reconverted to XHTML through the
XHTMLSerializer.  However, we have made some modifications to the code
where this does cause us an issue (although we are going to soon revert
back to the current release, and implement our code changes outside of
AS).  So for the meantime, is there some setting we can use to force the
parser to follow XHTML/HTML as AS does?




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