[owasp-antisamy] Distributing AntiSamy

Arshan Dabirsiaghi arshan.dabirsiaghi at aspectsecurity.com
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On the project site [0] we point to the BSD license [1]. If the rules in
there don't specify the answers to your questions, then: 


1) The BSD license.

2) In META-INF/antisamy-license.txt.

3) I don't think so.


[0] https://www.owasp.org/index.php/Category:OWASP_AntiSamy_Project

[1] http://www.opensource.org/licenses/bsd-license.php 


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I am trying to figure out what all needs to be included (license wise)
with the binary distribution of AntiSamy.  I am a bit confused about the
license linked to on the project site.  It appears to just be a


My questions are:

1.	What license file should I include with the binary distribution?

2.	Where in the JAR file should I add the license from question 1? 
3.	If I am distributing a modified version, is there anything I
will need to change in the license file, or an additional file that
needs to be added? 


Thanks for the clarification.




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