[Owasp-antisamy] Ampersand character in title attribute

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Dave's right, but we should be able to accommodate this. Look for this in 1.4. By the way, if you're a Maven expert and want to help me deploy 1.4, please reach out! That's pretty much all I'm waiting for. =]


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With the default regex, it does not matter whether the ampersand is encoded or not. "Full Q&A Session", "Full Q&A Session" and "Full Q&A Session" fail the AntiSamy check, but "Full QA Session" does not. This implies that any other encoded character will also fail, since the ampersand is used in all of them. 


On 2/22/10 1:45 PM, Dave Moore wrote: 

	i'm not a dev on the team, but the markup looks invalid, it should be & -- the text inside html attributes has to be escaped.
	On Mon, Feb 22, 2010 at 15:19, August Detlefsen <augustd at codemagi.com> wrote:

		AntiSamy is rejecting the ampersand character in the title attribute of
		an href. If my input is:
		<a href="/some/page" title="Full Q&A Session" />
		It rejects the tag due to the &.
		Do you know of any reason why that character should be banned from a
		title? It seems like it would be present a lot if you are encoding
		special characters...
		Is it safe to adjust the default regex for the title field to allow the
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