[Owasp-antisamy] global-tag-attributes and tags-to-encode

Vadim Lennikov vadim3333 at yahoo.com
Sat Apr 24 22:45:34 EDT 2010

Hello all, I have question regarding this section that I've seen in couple of policy files given with Antisamy:
    This requires normal updates as browsers continue to diverge from the W3C and each other. As long as the browser wars continue
    this is going to continue. I'm not sure war is the right word for what's going on. Doesn't somebody have to win a war after 
    a while?
        <attribute name="title"/>
        <attribute name="lang"/>


I find no documents for what these do and I need to know if this is something to configure so I have perfect policy file. I see no documents on how to make policy file here:

Bye, Vadim

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