[Owasp-antisamy] pluggable HTML parser

Chase Seibert chase.seibert+antisamy at gmail.com
Thu Oct 30 11:05:46 EDT 2008

Would it be possible for AntiSamy to support HTML parsers besides nekoHTML?
I don't currently have any problems with nekoHTML, but if another parser is
faster or more tolerant of malformed HTML, it would be nice to have a

It seems that popular parsers (nekoHTML, jTidy and TagSoup) don't implement
a common interface. However, they do all have methods that return a standard
org.w3c.dom Document or DocumentFragment. Perhaps an interface could be
defined on the AntiSamy side for what it needs from a parser? Ideally, an
implementation of that interface could then be provided by class name in a
properties file.

I would be willing to code this up, I just wanted to get opinions first.

  - Chase
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