[Owasp-antisamy] antisamy problems with  

David Whitlock dwhitlock at tripwire.com
Fri Feb 22 14:15:17 EST 2008

I ran across with   entities, too.  NekoHTML replaces the   entity with the non-breaking space character (ASCII 160).  It is possible that your character encoding is converting an ASCII 160 into another character (latin-1 vs. UTF-8 encoding issues, perhaps?).


For me, an ACII 160 character was not acceptable in my HTML because some browsers render ASCII 160 differently than    To work around this, I simply replaced ASCII 160 with the string " " in the validated output.


Hope this helps,




P.S.  Arshan, thank you very much for antisamy.  It was exactly the tool we needed and it has worked very well for us.



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Can you provide some sample input and output? Also, what environment are you testing this in? What character encoding are you using to output?






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Hoping to use Antisamy for our business except we keep coming across some strange encoding problems.  

 It seems that all " " on the incoming HTML are converted in unfamiliar characters like "á".  I tried using a patch I found on the mailing list and changing the encoding, but that has not solved the problem.

Anybody have any suggestions on what I may be doing wrong?



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