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> Hey everyone,
> We had 9 folks turn out today, and we had some great conversations ranging from Senior Management all the way down to Binary analysis.
> Daniel gave a great presentation on finding exploits in source and binary, and I'll upload it to the wiki when I can.

I too think the meeting went well. 
The main point that I was trying to drive home was that as a chapter we can grow a great deal by building more of a culture in the group, and getting developers and technical folks to intermingle more.
What I proposed to accomplish this was to have a bit more structure where some of the following things can be expected from designated members every month. 

1) New Tools Review
2) New Vulnerabilities and Why they exist, How did the analyst find them, How to Exploit them.
3) Theory & Application (lets play spot the bug in live code)
	- Take a piece of code, walk through how it works, how to audit it from a blackbox approach or source approach and how to fix it. 

Every meeting bring a new piece of software for #3 or work on a long term basis so everyone is learning from a starting point on doing 
a source code assessment and what to look for. 

Something where the basic knowledge base is always increasing from meeting to meeting based on the format of the meeting not on any particular personality. 
This way 5 years from now the knowledge base in the general area is better and a culture of security analysis grows. 

Can I hear it from the back section?
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