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That’s great Brad!


Thanks for getting a solid meeting location booked for the chapter. That
will make planning much easier having that locked down.


I think that fuzzing web apps would be a great topic.  It’s a very important
aspect in application testing and should not be overlooked. 


After we get going,  I’d like to kick the idea of breaking the meetings down
into ½ management / ½ technical. Meaning, the first talk would be targeting
management level issues, and the following talk would be aimed towards hands
on technical guys. 


What do you think?




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10-4 Josh!

I have meeting rooms reserved from 8-12:30 every third Thursday of the
month, starting in February.

I have 'almost' secured a speaker to give a 2-hour "fuzzing web apps" class.
I'm flying him in via the OWASP on the move sponsorship. That would be for
the 18th of February.

Does that work for everyone?

-Brad Causey

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break a code. (Robert Morris)

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Good morning everyone,


First, I just wanted to take some time out and thank everyone for helping
with the local chapter last year.   We did not have a full schedule of
meetings, but I feel that the meetings we had did provide some value.
Things will be different in 2010.


I would like to work with the chapter membership, and get feedback on what
areas of security are important to you.  If we get some “topic” ideas, then
we can start putting together training and resources to help answer some of
your security questions. What we need to do is focus on problems that you
face on a normal basis in the industry (relating to IT/APP Security). 



So we need feedback from you to make this a great chapter.






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