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It's not the 80's anymore. :)

Companies tested had the latest/greatest email protection available from
vendors. So what are companies supposed to do??  Just say that it is too
hard to stop it using technology?
We all know how had user security awareness really is..  

I do this on a daily basis for our clients, so I see how devastating this
type of attack is.  I agree that it is an issue with SMTP, but if users are
targeted, and technology can't stop it or at least move certain emails into
a "Junk/Phishing" folder then there is a big issue. If it looks half way
legit, they are going to click on it and attackers are going to get their
credentials or exploit their browser. 


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So email can be spoofed and the "From:" domain doesn't have to match up 
with the MTA domain.  Welcome to the 1980's.  This isn't a vendor issue, 
it is how the protocol works.  Personally, I prefer it this way so I can 
have my own domain-specific email addresses but relay mail thru my ISP.

-David Wharton

P.S. Apparently UDP packets can be spoofed too.  Who knew? ;)

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Nice work Josh,

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