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It would be good to have a group without the formalities of Infragard and


Personally, I would like to share ideas with like-minded individuals and
also just hang out.




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I second that. These type events are very informative, and I really enjoy
them. But between Infragard, OWASP (coming soon), and now BHsec, my
management might start getting a little irritated with me being gone 3
mornings a month. Not sure what the right answer is, thought. Anyone have


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Thanks much for organizing such an event. I really enjoy them.

But isn't 9am on a Tuesday a little too invasive on the workday ? 





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Why and What?
BHSec was created as an extension of the LinkedIn group 'Alabama
Security Professionals'. The goal of BHSec is to offer a time and
environment where those who work within the information security field
can meet, share ideas and know each other face to face. How this
differs with other security groups/organizations really hinges on the
need to meet and share information and not have the burden of a
'speaker' or an organization 'sponsoring' an event. BHSec is a place
where information security professionals could meet to discuss
security in a relaxed atmosphere where in-the-trench questions and
knowledge with like minded individuals can exist. Much like ChiSec and
NySec started by Matasano, BHSec hopes to fill a similar gap over a
cup of coffee once a month. We don't want a power point, or
membership, the goal is to know and be known in your profession.

Topics that will likely brew up may surround anything from in depth
analysis of malware and exploit development to identifying
vulnerabilities in web applications (or binary) to management
questions and why personality tests may improve the synergy within
your security group. War stories are likely to be shared most of the
time, but a place where dialogue and quick facts can be shared without
a powerpoint is the primary purpose of this group.

The 3rd Tuesday of the month.  July [email protected] 9:00 AM
*Hopefully one week after Microsoft Tuesday many will want to talk
about patch deployment or threat impact.

Where does the group meet?
The next BHSec meeting will occur at the Wildwood Starbucks location.
Directions can be found the Starbucks on Lakeshore in Birmingham ,

More info?
You can find more information at:
* http://bhsec.packetninjas.net
* http://twitter.com/packetninjas
* feed://www.packetninjas.net/?feed=rss
* Or you can find the LinkedIn group under 'Alabama Internet Security

I hope to see all the local owasper's out and about!!!

| Daniel Uriah Clemens
| Packetninjas L.L.C | | http://www.packetninjas.net
| c. 205.567.6850      | | o. 866.267.8851
"The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources" Einstein


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