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Thanks much for organizing such an event. I really enjoy them.But isn't 9am
on a Tuesday a little too invasive on the workday ?


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> Why and What?
> BHSec was created as an extension of the LinkedIn group 'Alabama
> Security Professionals'. The goal of BHSec is to offer a time and
> environment where those who work within the information security field
> can meet, share ideas and know each other face to face. How this
> differs with other security groups/organizations really hinges on the
> need to meet and share information and not have the burden of a
> 'speaker' or an organization 'sponsoring' an event. BHSec is a place
> where information security professionals could meet to discuss
> security in a relaxed atmosphere where in-the-trench questions and
> knowledge with like minded individuals can exist. Much like ChiSec and
> NySec started by Matasano, BHSec hopes to fill a similar gap over a
> cup of coffee once a month. We don’t want a power point, or
> membership, the goal is to know and be known in your profession.
> Topics that will likely brew up may surround anything from in depth
> analysis of malware and exploit development to identifying
> vulnerabilities in web applications (or binary) to management
> questions and why personality tests may improve the synergy within
> your security group. War stories are likely to be shared most of the
> time, but a place where dialogue and quick facts can be shared without
> a powerpoint is the primary purpose of this group.
> When?
> The 3rd Tuesday of the month.  July [email protected] 9:00 AM
> *Hopefully one week after Microsoft Tuesday many will want to talk
> about patch deployment or threat impact.
> Where does the group meet?
> The next BHSec meeting will occur at the Wildwood Starbucks location.
> Directions can be found the Starbucks on Lakeshore in Birmingham ,
> Alabama.
> More info?
> You can find more information at:
> * http://bhsec.packetninjas.net
> * http://twitter.com/packetninjas
> * feed://www.packetninjas.net/?feed=rss
> * Or you can find the LinkedIn group under 'Alabama Internet Security
> Professionals
> I hope to see all the local owasper's out and about!!!
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