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Hey Guys,


I wanted to thank everyone for coming out yesterday to the first OWASP
Birmingham chapter meeting. We are just getting started, but feel that the
membership and attendance will grow with time and proper planning.  What we
are looking to do is promote application security through OWASP research,
projects, and resources.   


Next Meeting:

We are looking to reserve a location for the September meeting. The
tentative date for the next meeting is September 22nd 2009.



We are looking for local speakers. If you have an APPSEC related topic of
interest let us know. If you would like to see a certain topic, let us know
about it.  The more participation, the better the chapter is overall.



We work hard to keep OWASP meetings vendor neutral. However, we do allow a
company to sponsor the refreshments for each meeting. In exchange, you may
place brochures on the refreshment table. If you have any questions about
this, contact me directly.


Phishing Tool:

Brad has setup the SVN access for the Phishing Tool.  Since OWASP is about
Application Security, we would like to ensure the appropriate controls are
applied during each stage of the development process.  We are looking for
developers, and also individuals interested in doing a security review of
the tool before we go public with it. The tool is functional as of right
now, but will need more work to be consider an official OWASP Beta release.


Again,  thanks for coming out and supporting our local chapter. We look
forward to seeing you at the next meeting.





Joshua Perrymon, CEH, OPST, OPSA

CEO PacketFocus LLC

 <mailto:Josh at packetfocus.com> Josh at packetfocus.com



Fax: (877) 218-4030

 <http://www.packetfocus.com/> www.packetfocus.com


President Alabama OWASP Chapter  <http://www.owasp.org/> www.owasp.org

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