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Looks like the tool we are developing is gaining a lot of media attention. 


Hats off to Brad Causey for all his hard work on the coding!!! He has some
really good stuff on the SVN server that he has been working on. We will be
releasing the "public" version officially at my talk during the SecTor.ca
conference next month in Toronto.

We are also teaming up with the Raleigh, Nc chapter to further develop this


We are looking to get all chapter members involved in this project so let us
know what you think.


If you notice in the press release they mentioned the ability to MITM
tokens. This is a lot easier than people think and we will be working more
on this in the next version.


For now, we will be releasing a local only mode for public release. Users
will be required to register to download the tool that will actually send
out active attacks. I'm not sure we can filter out 100% of the bad guys from
getting this, but at least we can attempt to control who has access to it. 


Anyone can apply patches to mitigate the effectiveness of metasploit. This
tool attacks human security so there is no patch for stupidity other than
security awareness.



Joshua Perrymon, CEH, OPST, OPSA

CEO PacketFocus LLC

 <mailto:Josh at packetfocus.com> Josh at packetfocus.com



 <http://www.packetfocus.com/> www.packetfocus.com


President Alabama OWASP Chapter  <http://www.owasp.org/> www.owasp.org

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