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Jeff Williams jeff.williams at owasp.org
Thu Jan 6 23:03:15 EST 2005


Looks like Wed. 1/12 at 11 EST works the best for everyone. I'll set up a 
dial-in and send it soon.  I've attached a Powerpoint describing a possible 
organizational model and roadmap for OWASP.  I've studied all the messages 
and links people sent and hopefully this addresses most of the concerns.

I'm looking forward to everyone's thoughts. Denis, can you forward this to 
the CIS folks and invite them to our meeting?



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> Hi everyone,
> Thanks to everyone who has participated in the discussion concerning 
> OWASP's future. Together, we *are* going to make some changes to make 
> OWASP work better.
> Denis has made it clear that there are organizations out there who will 
> sponsor our work if it makes business sense to do so. There are also many 
> contributors who would help us if we can make it easy enough. Our 
> challenge is to find an organizational model that will allow us to stay 
> free and open.
> I believe this is possible, and will circulate a strawman by the end of 
> next week. I'd like to use the strawman to focus an OWASP planning session 
> the second week of January.  Please RSVP and let me know which day is best 
> for you.
>    Tues. Jan. 11 @ 11:00 EST
>    Wed. Jan 12 @ 11:00 EST
>    Thurs. Jan 13 @ 11:00 EST
> Also, I'd like to take this opportunity to welcome Denis to the OWASP 
> Leaders group. I've listed the current OWASP leaders below.
> Adrian Wiesmann
> Bill
> Ben Poweski
> Carric Dooley
> David Raphael
> Dave Endler
> Denis Verdon
> Dinis Cruz
> Rogan Dawes
> Gabe Lawrence
> Ingo Struck
> Jeff Williams
> Jeremy Poteet
> Stan Guzik
> Tim Smith
> --Jeff 
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