[Opa] looks like unicode problem

Paulo J. Matos paulo at matos-sorge.com
Wed Aug 31 05:16:28 EDT 2011

Quoting François-Régis Sinot <francois-regis.sinot at mlstate.com>:

> Hi,
> Oh... sorry, yes, I've spotted a few things that are wrong in your code
> snippet; here's what the corrsponding lines should look like:
> * 'message = {author=author; text=text}' (so ';' instead of ','; you can
> also avoid any separation symbol)
> * 'Dom.clear_value(#entry)' ('clear' instead of 'clean')
> * 'user_update(x: message)' = (remove the spurious ':' before '=')

Oh gosh, thanks! :)

> I guess you've manually copied (I mean, not copy-pasted). If it's really
> copy-pasted, please point me to the url with this wrong piece of code.

Yes, I manually copied. How else could I learn? ;)



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