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Tue Aug 30 11:22:40 EDT 2011

I think a lot of questions could be prevented by making it obvious that  
libgdbm-dev is a hard requirement. It would also help to mention in more  
than one small place in the documentation that the chat example requires  
you to create a "resources" directory in the program's cwd. The  
resulting "fatal" error from compiling the example is NOT helpful; it took  
me an hour to realize I needed to simply create the directory. If this is a  
common directory structure for many (or all) opa applications it really  
needs to be spelled out more plainly. I enjoy learning new technologies but  
it really needs to be as un confusing as possible. I understand that  
documentation is an effort but when you start to see a pattern that is  
easily corrected one simply has to say something.
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