[Opa] UTF-8 characters

Jon Kleiser jon.kleiser at usit.uio.no
Fri Aug 26 09:37:36 EDT 2011

Hi François-Régis,

Thanks a lot for your answer! I guess it wouldn't be very difficult to 
create an Opa application that grabs all the messages from that mail 
archive and stores them in a searchable Opa database ... ;-)


On 8/26/11 3:28 PM, François-Régis Sinot wrote:
> Hi Jon,
> Le vendredi 26 août 2011 à 13:38 +0200, Jon Kleiser a écrit :
>> I just discovered and installed Opa on my Mac. I have two questions:
>> 1) Under "9.2.3. Strings" in the Opa introduction (index.html) there's a
>> Caution that says ...
>> "At the time of this writing, Opa does not offer Utf8 character
>> structures. The only way to insert utf8 characters into your literals is
>> to put the utf8 character in your source code."
>> It's not quite clear to me which way that won't work. Could you give me
>> a simple example? I inserted some Norwegian ÆØÅ characters into my
>> hello_web.opa, which is an UTF-8 coded file, like this:
>> server = one_page_server("Hello", ->  <>Hello, ÆØÅ web!</>)
>> ... and that worked OK for me.
> Thanks for discovering this sentence, that doesn't mean much. Yes, UTF-8
> works well in strings, and that's all most people want. Maybe the
> sentence is supposed to mean that we do not have a datatype for single
> UTF-8 characters, but that's not a feature we want. I'll remove the
> sentence.
>> 2) Is it possible to search these
>> <https://lists.owasp.org/pipermail/opa/>  archives in some way?
> Oh, unfortunately this site does not seem to be written in Opa ;-)
> Seriously, I think all these are just static web pages, so without
> search. I tried to use google with 'site:', but it's not very
> convincing. I agree it's unfortunate.
> Best,
> François-Régis.

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