[Opa] UTF-8 characters

Jon Kleiser jon.kleiser at usit.uio.no
Fri Aug 26 07:38:51 EDT 2011


I just discovered and installed Opa on my Mac. I have two questions:

1) Under "9.2.3. Strings" in the Opa introduction (index.html) there's a 
Caution that says ...
"At the time of this writing, Opa does not offer Utf8 character 
structures. The only way to insert utf8 characters into your literals is 
to put the utf8 character in your source code."

It's not quite clear to me which way that won't work. Could you give me 
a simple example? I inserted some Norwegian ÆØÅ characters into my 
hello_web.opa, which is an UTF-8 coded file, like this:

server = one_page_server("Hello", -> <>Hello, ÆØÅ web!</>)

... and that worked OK for me.

2) Is it possible to search these 
<https://lists.owasp.org/pipermail/opa/> archives in some way?


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