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I'm completely new to OPA, just trying to make my very first (but own!) steps - thus this question (and the next ones I will certainly ask) may look to you like complete nonsense - but, please, be patient with me: I'm trying to learn!

It's often a good idea to know about the user's HTTP client - this is why I would like to figure it out. But how do I do that?

There is a stdlib.web.client with some interesting definitions (like environment_interface_engine and similar) but which function returns such a value?

Let's say, I get such a value somehow, how do I convert it into a string? Is there same "magic" which converts record keys into strings? Or will I have to set up a pattern matching construct which yields a literal name depending on a certain record key?

Another issue: is it my Safari's fault? Or is it common, that (within the API docs) very often the decriptions do not belong to the type/function definition next to them? To give an example (from the stdlib.web.client description):

type JsFunction = external
The browser runs on a Macintosh (either MacOS X or Classic but not iPhone OS).
This does not look correct, does it?

But the docs are full of these wrong associations!

Thanks in advance for your effort!

Kind regards,

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