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Sudheendra Hangal hangal at cs.stanford.edu
Sat Oct 31 12:39:02 EDT 2009

John and Jim,
I'm a co-founder of a company called Magic Lamp Software that builds
advanced tools for detecting security vulnerabilities like the OWASP Top-10
as well as for enforcing compliance to standards like PCI for payment cards
-- this goes
beyond LAPSE and has been used for commercial software audits at banks,
e-commerce websites, software infrastructure vendors, etc. Our results are
typically better than Fortify's, e.g. on open source Java benchmarks such as
(i.e. more bugs, fewer false positives).

We'll follow up with you separately and provide more information.

Sudheendra Hangal
Co-founder, Magic Lamp Software

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> I was wondering if anyone knew of an up to date tool to analyze static Java
> code for security concerns.  We are looking for something similar to.
> http://suif.stanford.edu/~livshits/work/lapse/<http://suif.stanford.edu/%7Elivshits/work/lapse/>
> Although this project seems to have been abandoned, last time it was
> touched
> looks to be 2006.   We would be interested in a defined ruleset for
> Checkstyle/PMD/FindBugs as an alternative.  I have looked at those tools
> and
> cannot find anything related to security.  Let me know if you have any
> information in this area.
> Thanks,
> -John Towell
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> Findbugs has only primitive security checks. I am not aware of any other
> open source solutions. Options for commercial static analysis tools include:
> - Fortify: www.fortify.com
> - IBM (now including technology from the Ounce Labs acquisition) the
> product portfolio is often being reorganized, IBM's static analysis tools
> are somewhere under the Rational brand or you can find the Ounce Labs
> technology directly at www.ouncelabs.com
> - Coverity Prevent: www.coverity.com
> - Klocwork - offers an inexpensive tool for individual Java developers,
> Solo: www.klocwork.com

Sudheendra Hangal
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