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johanna curiel curiel johanna.curiel at owasp.org
Mon Mar 2 11:25:38 UTC 2015

Hi Jason

I think we need to communicate this clear to the leaders in order for them
to use this. I also think, Jason, you need to communicate the whole story
in order for people to understand about this project.

I think it was a very good initiative from you, however, as you can see it
requires a lot of work to make it feasible.
Last year I setup around 10 projects but I remembered we had issues with
SVN repositories.  I saw some emails last month regarding access and
renewing the VPS contract that you exchange with Kate and Paul.

Like I mentioned, I do not have access right now and since last year. I
sent you an email, to Paul and Kate  some week ago, asking if you had
access to this server. You did not answer my email and Paul requested me
 to fill a contact form to check the access with Kate. The access worked
for me through Sarah's account, and when this changed I do not have access

Do you have access to the server?
I have not use the server since November last year. I also sent you an
email to check if you had access but I did not get a response from you.And
now suddenly you sent this to a mailing list, so I'm kind of surprise from
your reaction.

We also need to promote this properly if we want leaders to use this. The
project never got at this point because
-Getting a sponsor for vulnerability scanning was an issue for some board
-I do not have access to the server after the renewal contract and the
account was changed from Sarah's email to Paul or Kate
- I did not hear  from you regarding access to the server

At this point as you can see, it involves a lot of work pulling these kind
of projects.

Could you clarify and let me know if you have access to this server? You
were the admin of the system.





On Sun, Mar 1, 2015 at 8:25 PM, Jason Johnson <jason.johnson at owasp.org>

> Currently we have a VPS that hosts a build server for OWASP and I was
> curious if anyone was using this or if we think it could be used in some
> other manner. Another option is to get rid of it all together and save
> around 75$ a month.
> The idea behind it was to allow every project to have a space to build
> there apps or have them scanned for vulnerabilities. Im not sure how people
> feel about it at this point but i'm all for ideas or even decommissioning
> it if we think its not bringing value to our cause?
> I know Johanna was working on this at some point and it is a huge task to
> take on so let me know if we want to reappropriate this sever for something
> or simple remove it from owasps assets.
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