[Governance] VPS Windows 2012 Server

Jason Johnson jason.johnson at owasp.org
Mon Mar 2 00:25:38 UTC 2015

Currently we have a VPS that hosts a build server for OWASP and I was
curious if anyone was using this or if we think it could be used in some
other manner. Another option is to get rid of it all together and save
around 75$ a month.

The idea behind it was to allow every project to have a space to build
there apps or have them scanned for vulnerabilities. Im not sure how people
feel about it at this point but i'm all for ideas or even decommissioning
it if we think its not bringing value to our cause?

I know Johanna was working on this at some point and it is a huge task to
take on so let me know if we want to reappropriate this sever for something
or simple remove it from owasps assets.
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