[Governance] Fwd: [Owasp-leaders] My views on the OWASP SamanthaGate (10 points and ideas for OWASP)

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I'm forwarding this to the governance list. I've already reached out to
Dinis and optionally Yvan to begin a discussion. I'll also confer with
Martin to determine if he is still available to assist.

Michael Coates

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Date: Tue, Jun 17, 2014 at 8:42 AM
Subject: Re: [Owasp-leaders] My views on the OWASP SamanthaGate (10 points
and ideas for OWASP)
To: Dinis Cruz <dinis.cruz at owasp.org>
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In the last several days, and over the course of the last several months
Dinis Cruz has posted messages that have taken an internal matter and made
it a public embarrassment to OWASP.

Since I know there are people on the sidelines reading I want to be clear:
* There should be a proper investigation of the claims that Samantha has
* Regardless of the outcome of that investigation, the community should
expect those responsible for misconduct or unlawful behaviour to be held
* We, as a community, should expect a strong statement from the board
supporting inclusiveness and equality, and supporting this should be an
expectation of everyone who opts to be a leader

I am requesting that the board consider issuing a warning and/or a
temporary ban on Dinis Cruz.  I am requesting a warning or temporary ban
because I believe that Dinis was genuinely trying to help, and he has been
a long standing member of the community advocating for positive change.
This request stems from a desire to illustrate that we will hold our
members accountable for ethical violations and not out of any malice.

In the last 48 hours Dinis has sent messages which violate the following
items from the Code of ethics

*1. Perform all professional activities and duties in accordance with all
applicable laws and the highest ethical principles; *

*3. Maintain appropriate confidentiality of proprietary or otherwise
sensitive information encountered in the course of professional activities;**
Forwarding confidential information and defamatory messages to mailing list
comprised of tens of thousands of people is not in accordance with ethical

*6. Refrain from any activities which might constitute a conflict of
interest or otherwise damage the reputation of employers, the information
security profession, or the Association;9. Not intentionally injure or
impugn the professional reputation of practice of colleagues, clients, or
* The reputations of several board members have been publicly maligned, as
has Samantha Groves.  Since the messages were sent in the sense of openness
and in the message this is in response to, he claims to have had the desire
to allow the opportunity to respond to the claims, that this was done
* This incident may have caused irreparable damage to the community.

*10. Treat everyone with respect and dignity;*

* airing unproven allegations to the community undermines the dignity of
long-time contributors

The OWASP community is huge, and has garnered an impressive amount of
influence.  If we fail to hold ourselves, the board, the staff, and each
other accountable, then that influence will be squandered.

Dinis - please accept my apologies for sending this email, but in my
opinion it is a necessary action.

Yvan Boily

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