Tobias tobias.gondrom at owasp.org
Wed Feb 26 00:18:39 UTC 2014


just to be clear: I am already fully aware of all relevant
communications that have been sent or received by Josh with regard to
this situation. That is my duty as board member and supporting Josh in
this fact finding mission. Furthermore, Josh has been in constant
dialogue with me about the best steps to allow building a bridge for
peace with you and I fully supported all of Josh's steps, questions and

And let me reiterate: your accusations are just false and some of them
outright fabrications or lies.

At this moment I see no need for further comments, so I can wait until
you can address Martin's questions or until you conjure up any other
false accusations.

Regards, Tobias

On 26/02/14 00:04, Christian Heinrich wrote:
> Tobias,
> I am not going to recommend that you listen to the conference call
> between Josh and Chris Gatford because I do not want you to become
> involved.
> Again, I ask everyone to withhold their comment until I can address
> what Martin has reasonably requested.
> On Wed, Feb 26, 2014 at 11:01 AM, Tobias <tobias.gondrom at owasp.org> wrote:
>> Christian,
>> No. But I am stating that you are making false accusations.
>> On 25/02/14 23:47, Christian Heinrich wrote:
>>> Tobias,
>>> Are you claiming to have also been part of the conference call between
>>> Josh Sokol and Chris Gatford?
>>> On Wed, Feb 26, 2014 at 10:04 AM, Tobias <tobias.gondrom at owasp.org> wrote:
>>>> Hello all,
>>>> just for the information of the governance list:
>>>> I attended the mentioned calls and listened to them carefully. And I
>>>> have to clearly state: all of Josh's statements were correct. And
>>>> Christian's claims and allegations that Josh would be incorrect are just
>>>> plain false.
>>>> I am not sure whether Christian is deliberately lying to cause harm to
>>>> Josh or disrupt the community or is just forgetting what was said and
>>>> filling the blanks with his imagination.
>>>> Nonetheless, I feel that the constant misrepresentations and false
>>>> allegations by Christian make it necessary for me to clarify that
>>>> Christian's allegations are false and Josh's statements are in fact
>>>> correct.
>>>> Unfortunately, Christian does not agree with the publication of the
>>>> recordings of said conversations, so the community could listen
>>>> themselves. So it becomes now necessary for me to step up as another
>>>> person who attended these calls to make the above clarification.

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