[Governance] Termination - Request for Artifact(s)

Christian Heinrich christian.heinrich at cmlh.id.au
Sat Feb 22 01:52:46 UTC 2014


I would to formally request that you to undertake an independent
review of my suspension and termination from OWASP.

The focus and scope will be on the within the e-mail I recently sent
to this [governance] mailing list and I have highlighted the major
points within http://lists.owasp.org/pipermail/governance/2014-February/000326.html
(bolding may not render correctly as the e-mail was HTML).

I have no intention to rejoin OWASP until this matter is resolved but
I would like to participate as a member of the public and speak at
https://2014.appsec.eu/ and the OWASP Board have declared that in
light of the exclusion lapsing in January this will continue
indefinitely and therefore I am excluded from presenting at this

Therefore, I don't want this drag out like the Inquiry Google Hacking
Project which should have taken "a few hours work" at most.

Is this timeline reasonable to you?

The issue related to SourceForge vs GitHub is secondary and I have
tendered the evidence that infers that Aspect Security sought to offer
their commercial services to SourceForge during the tender issued by

On Sat, Feb 22, 2014 at 12:49 AM, Martin Knobloch
<martin.knobloch at owasp.org> wrote:
> Hi Christian,
> Just to makes things clear, you do email me as in my role of compliance /
> whistle blower officer?
> Please state clearly if this request to me as in my obligation of the above
> mentioned, or as fellow OWASP member!
> Some parts of your email are not clear to me. Excuse if this is caused my
> level of understanding the English language, I am not a native speaker as
> you know.
> Therefore, I have to first ask you some questions, for me to fully
> understand your request:
> What is in your opinion the relation of the "Queensland and NSW State
> Governments"  regulations?
> As OWASP is not incorporated in Australia, I wonder about the relevance.
> With other words, do you suggest OWASP has to follow regulations outside of
> the US?
> What does IRS stands for?
> In what view is the request of for information by Dinis, Dennis and Josh you
> refer to, relevant?
> I fail to understand to point of this reference
> What artifact does not exist you refer to by "Michael has also been offered
> the opportunity to state that this artifact does not exist..."?
> But most importantly, what it your request?
> I fail to understand your question:
>  "Can you assist so that the selective judgement of the OWASP Board doesn't
> affect the well being of another OWASP member?"
> Could you rephrase your question please?
> Please understand, I am asking this in order to fully understand your email.
> If you prefer, we can schedule a  call in private!

Christian Heinrich


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