[Global_membership_committee] Honorary Memberships - Vote Scheduled for 12/21 @ Membership Meeting

Michael Coates michael.coates at owasp.org
Fri Dec 10 13:15:28 EST 2010

Let's get this discussion moving.  Originally honorary memberships were created to recognize those individuals that had contributed their time and effort to OWASP and to also ensure they had voting rights for our first board election.

They have now expired. The question is what to do with honorary memberships now.

My vote is to eliminate them.

Here' why:
- Yes, many people donate time and effort towards OWASP. However, there is no easy way to draw a line in the sand to determine who should get an honorary membership.
- Memberships are priced at $50 per year. Compare this with other professional organizations - ISACA US $165, ACM $99
- If as leaders, we can't lead by example, then why should anyone listen to our recommendation to become a member themselves? 1000 other people have decided to purchase membership.
- Honorary memberships are another logistical issue that requires use of our limited resources

Why be a member:
- Support the mission
- Help fund projects / conferences
- Financial contribution to help the organization that has helped you
- Voting Rights

Note: Membership is not required for anything. All information is free.  However, membership does grant you discounts to conferences and is required to cast votes for any OWASP related voting issues.
This issue will be decided at the OWASP Global Membership Committee Meeting on December 21. Please provide comments as soon as possible.

Michael Coates

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