[Global_industry_committee] Nominet consultation

Colin Watson colin.watson at owasp.org
Thu Jan 3 10:18:27 UTC 2013

Dear GIC

I am working on a consultation response and have emailed UK chapter
lists for input. But since I plan to submit this under the GIC's name,
I'd also like to request any feedback from the other members here.

Nominet is requesting responses to a consultation on proposals for new
second-level .uk domains. Regardless of the merits of that proposal,
there are some security ideas proposed. Apart from registrant identity
verification, the
 security suggestions proposed are currently:

  * routine monitoring of domains for malware and viruses on the domain name
  * include a visible trust mark to indicate this enhanced security to
customers of the domain
  * include mandatory DNSSEC signing

It would seem OWASP ought to be able to suggest improvements to these.
 Even if the proposal is not adopted, there are other drivers for a
.uk trust mark, and our input may help steer that somewhat too.  The
consultation document is:


 The closing date for responses is 7th January 2013. Draft v2 is here:


 If anyone has any thoughts, concerns, suggestions or improvements,
please let me know.


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