[Global_industry_committee] Next GIC meeting schedule next week - what date and time works for you?

Tobias tobias.gondrom at owasp.org
Fri Oct 5 18:55:51 UTC 2012

Hello dear GIC fellows,

last week, I took over from Rex organising our GIC meetings.
In order to schedule at a convenient time for everybody, *please enter 
ASAP your availability* in Doodle: http://www.doodle.com/kc64mr5arp4iay3k
(I *will **close the poll on Monday Oct-8 17:00 GMT* and then send out 
the final meeting time and date.)

With the AppSec US approaching and the progress we need on our CISO 
guide and the CISO Survey, I like to schedule our GIC call as soon as 

As we are all at the moment either in the America or EU time zones, I 
mostly focused on the US morning/EU evening time slots. If none of them 
work, please send me an email ASAP and I will add some other slots.

Some topics I can see for our meeting agenda:
Global Industry Committee meeting:
- CISO Guide
- CISO Survey
- Industry Table at AppSec US
- industry bodies contacts?
- ...?

Further ideas?

Best regards and looking forward to talking with you again soon,

(GIC chair)

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