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Mauro Flores mauro.flores at owasp.org
Fri Mar 9 18:15:44 UTC 2012

Guys, thank you al for the support.
Toda I made the presentation about OWASP on the event. Many people from
the regional CSIRTs get to me to know more about the OWASP materials,
specially about the training materials, but also about the tools we
have. Beside many business cards I exchange with this guys (thanks to
Sarah that sent me the images I manage to print a few OWASP business
cards before I left) they are interested in:

      * OWASP to participate in a knowledge base they are building for
        the Latian American CSIRTs. They are doing this effort with the
        Carnegie Mellon CERT-CC and latter today we're having a meeting
        about this. I'm thinking about contact the Educational Committee
        to get involve in this particular cooperation. 
      *  People from the Brasil Police is planning a Computer Forensic
        and Cyber Security event for this year in Brasil. They want to
        know if the OWASP can make a presentation there. So I'm thinking
        about contact Lucas and Gustavo to see if they are interested in

Any thoughts, please let me know.

regards, Mauro Flores

El mié, 07-03-2012 a las 09:56 +0000, Colin Watson escribió:

> Mauro
> This is a particularly good initiative. The rest of the world will
> have to catch up.
> An important aspect is that it is not just "infrastructure" which is
> important, but also the applications. Language and interpretration of
> words may be important.  The points raised in Lucas Ferreira's
> document sum up the issues and benefits very well:
> https://www.owasp.org/index.php/OWASP_Brasil_Manifesto
> Colin
> On 7 March 2012 00:03, Mauro Flores <mauro.flores at owasp.org> wrote:
> > Hi guys!!
> > For a time now I've been making contacts with the Organization of American
> > States (OAS, http://www.oas.org) to make OWASP became a security guideline
> > for the Latin American governments. I had a couple of conference with the
> > CICTE people that is the branch that address the cyber security issues and
> > the last week they invite me to an OAS Cyber Security Workshop that is
> > taking place in Costa Rica to present the OWASP organization to all the
> > attending governments. There will be present people from the national CIRTs
> > and cyber crime government units, and I'll be making a 20 minutes
> > presentation about the OWASP organization. Hopefully we could find some
> > points in which OWASP and the governments can work together to improve
> > application security.
> >
> > Please, let me know any comment you have on this particular course of
> > action.
> >
> > regards, Mauro Flores
> >
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