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Tobias tobias.gondrom at owasp.org
Tue Jun 12 23:36:55 UTC 2012

Hello fellow Global Industry members,

will someone of you be at the upcoming AppSec EU in Greece?

Maybe a small idea, which I tried at the AppSec in APAC and found useful:
Among the OWASP attendees, industry members are usually a smaller 
subgroup or even a minority and thus it can be challenging to find their 
peers in the crowd for them. To bring the different OWASP attendees from 
industry together and give them a good way to connect with each other, 
how about to give them a common meeting and networking opportunity.
This has two objectives:
1. generate value through networking and exchanging ideas among industry 
2. improve communication between OWASP and industry members (what do 
they need from OWASP, which projects could OWASP offer they might not be 
aware of yet)

E.g. at AppSec APAC, there was a dinner for all attendees and I asked 
Sarah to setup one table with a sign "Industry Leaders" (or you could 
equally use any other title on the sign....) and prior to the event, I 
went through the list of all attendees, carefully selected people from 
industry companies and sent them invitations to join this table.
During the evening at the table we had interesting discussions about 
industry experiences and they could exchange what they feel works well 
from OWASP for their organisations and also what they would like to get 
from OWASP. I found that they liked this exchange of ideas with their 
peers and many of them also exchanged business cards to later stay in 
touch and cooperate with each other.

If there is no common dinner during AppSec EU (or next AppSec US), you 
could equally use one evening for an informal dinner/beer evening 
outside (just send the email for a meeting point to the select group of 
industry people).

One thing you need to watch out for when doing this:
Make sure you don't have vendors or consultants on the table.
Generating value for the industry members is the main objective and that 
comes from exchanging ideas with their peers and not from people trying 
to sell to them during that one evening. (Vendors/services consultants 
preying on industry members to acquire customers during that evening 
would ruin the whole purpose.) - The only thing that might potentially 
be mentioned during that evening could possibly be how to become an 
OWASP company member/sponsor, but even that should be mentioned only 
casually and after first discussing on how we (OWASP) can help industry 
companies. So pick the invited people from the attendee list carefully 
(and don't allow targeted vendor sponsoring towards that sub-group).

What do you think? Any volunteer to organise this for AppSec EU?
Btw. I can also provide you with my invitation email from last AppSec to 
use as a template, and I am sure Sarah will be most happy to coordinate 
with you on how to bring them together (during dinner event, or just 
informal beer evening or so).

Best regards, Tobias

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